Dedalus: Effective Healthcare for a Massive Population Now Gets Easy

Dedalus: Effective Healthcare for a Massive Population Now Gets Easy

Giorgio Moretti, President, DedalusGiorgio Moretti, President, Dedalus
It is not big news that healthcare organizations are continuously facing novel challenges in addressing their massively diverse populations. Adjacently, driven by the challenges of chronic and complex disease care, the urgency for patient data to be shared across multiple disparate data sources is only becoming an imperative as the clock ticks by. Hence, now more than ever, it is highly important to be privy to advanced population management solutions, which is defined as the aggregation of patient data across multiple data sources and analysing them into a single actionable patient record through which care providers can improve both clinical and financial outcomes. Also, on par with the latest strides in healthcare IT, a direct involvement of the patient is necessary for giving way to a completely new concept of interoperability,

Amid this scenario, Dedalus has been at the forefront of advancing interoperability through its evolution: from interfacing to digital cooperation, from structural Interoperability to semantic Interoperability and finally to true population health management as well. X1.V1, the interoperability platform by Dedalus is the ever-evolving result of this ongoing education, continuing to support the newest care models and allowing the most efficient and secure sharing of patient data.

The platform was created by aggregating cooperating functional components to provide interoperability services: ranging from document sharing and indexing, patient demographics cross-referencing, sharing of coding/terminologies value sets, to notification management and a patient portal. X1.V1 assists healthcare providers in collecting and sharing patient information, documents, and processes among multiple institutions or across a region.

They are able to efficiently manage healthcare information while reducing risk, improving security and drastically increasing quality control. The highly intuitive platform also provides the means to create efficient cross-institutional healthcare networks, all while improving clinical and administrative processes by connecting all stakeholders within a healthcare exchange.

For Dedalus, “innovation” means understanding the challenges faced by all specialists and executives across health organizations, and thus drastically improving the instruments for optimal patient treatment. The company understands that integrated care and patient involvement are the most sought-after formsof medical practices today. This is exactly why, after years of investment, Dedalus launched the clinical knowledge portal, a groundbreaking project designed to really help doctors and nurses achieve “real” clinical collaboration. The state-of-the-art portal solves all possible problems of sharing the clinical information stored in various electronic patient records.

Apart from its suite of process oriented solutions, the company’s acquisition strategies have also been a contributing factor to their unrivalled success. With the acquisition of Agfa Healthcare IT, Dedalushas consolidated its leadership as a pan-European player in the healthcare software industry, with a market leading position in Hospital IT (HCIS) and Diagnostic (DIS) in Germany, Italy and France, along with a strong footprint in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, China, Brazil and several locations in the Latin America, Middle East and Africa, spanning over 30 different countries.

Thanks to its undisputed cutting-edge portfolio of leading the new generation solutions, Dedalusnow covers the whole spectrum of needs for healthcare operators, supporting over 5000 hospitals and 4800 laboratories around the world.The myth has it that in 2000 BC, Dedalo, the first famous architect in history designed the Knossos Palace. As the myth stands, it was an incredible and wonderful building, with a maze inside, representing a path to knowledge. Later, in 1220 AD, the prototype of the first Gothic cathedral was completed in Chartres. An unbelievable and wonderful structure, inside a labyrinth. This, too, signified a path to knowledge. Recreating the magic of these mythical marvels in the healthcare landscape, Dedalus is also poised to be an incredible and wonderful structure in disguise of an organization. And its road to improving knowledge never ends.

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Firenze, Florence

Giorgio Moretti, President

Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe and one of the largest in the world offering innovative framework of comprehensive and process-oriented suite of solutions